Water not only makes life possible but experiencing its tranquility makes life better.  Maui offers some of the most enticing ocean and inland pool filming opportunities available anywhere.  From the 7 sacred pools to the massive barrels of Jaws (Peahi) to virtually year-round Kiteboarding Maui has a bit of everything all within an hour’s drive of just about anywhere on the island.  If you want to document Hawaii’s aqua blue liquid landscapes from over, in, and under the water with an experienced professional call (808) 280-3059

Jaws Sporting 3PuInSaiLa Perouse SmallJaws wide frame grabone guy drops big crowd peahiDCIM100MEDIAUluaDSCF2061Kai Fly211033-235x8419-35482831NicSicPeahisml2SeatBeltJaws 2004jetski-h20cam

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