Maui Motocross Association Endurocross Night Race

Live Music, lots of dirt bikes, and a bunch of crew that aren’t afraid of a little mud, rocks, and obstacles…  Now that’s fun!  Topping it off with a massive mash-up by a couple of awesome rock crawlers makes it even better.  This one is running in its entirety on Local Maui TV – Akaku Channel 55.  Check listings at or call (808) 871-5554 for air dates and times.

Jaws 2013 Openning Day Paddle In Highlights

Jaws Peahi Maui Hawaii Opening Day November 13 2013.  Huge Paddle In Sessions set a new precedent in surfing history as Shane Dorian, Mark Healey, Ian Walsh, Ahanu Tson-dru, Marcio Freire, Greg Long and a few promising young guns like DK Walsh re-defined what is possible in big wave paddle in surfing.  Ahanu Tson-dru’s XXL wipeout is at the end of the clip and I kept the camera rolling the entire time with natural sound.  You can see him pop up in the video after what seems like an eternity and jump on a jet ski.  His inflatable vest was still intact as was his will to succeed despite playing tag with the reef on one of the heaviest wipeouts of the year.

Xterra Triathlon Maui 2013

The Xterra Triathlon season culminates in the final leg of competition at Maui’s Ritz Carlton at Flemming’s beach in beautiful Kapalua.  For this event I had the privilege of providing underwater footage as well as completing the highlight reel edit.  Special thanks to all the competitors who lay it on the line to wow their fans and push their bodies to the limit.