Jaws 2013 Openning Day Paddle In Highlights

Jaws Peahi Maui Hawaii Opening Day November 13 2013.  Huge Paddle In Sessions set a new precedent in surfing history as Shane Dorian, Mark Healey, Ian Walsh, Ahanu Tson-dru, Marcio Freire, Greg Long and a few promising young guns like DK Walsh re-defined what is possible in big wave paddle in surfing.  Ahanu Tson-dru’s XXL wipeout is at the end of the clip and I kept the camera rolling the entire time with natural sound.  You can see him pop up in the video after what seems like an eternity and jump on a jet ski.  His inflatable vest was still intact as was his will to succeed despite playing tag with the reef on one of the heaviest wipeouts of the year.

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